Brenham High School FFA teams competed in the District 3 leadership contest Monday, with one member earning a spot in the Area 11 contest on Saturday.

Keeley Mikolajchak placed second in the junior creed competition, qualifying for the area contest and earning a chance to advance to the state leadership contest. Mikolajchak is coached by Travis Gonzalez.

Other Brenham FFA teams competing and their placings were:

• Agriculture advocacy — 5th place, Kayla Samson, Mattie Niebuhr, Katie Murski, Taylor Klatte and Camryn Finke; coach Jordan Clay.

• Junior quiz — 10th place, Clayton Boeker, Keely Mikolajchak, Kenley Mikolajchak and Emily Searle; coach Travis Gonzales.

• Job interview — 5th place, Laura Zibilski; coach Kasey Fuchs.

• Public relations — 8th place, Reid Bentke, Kirbie Faour, Connor Himly and Clayton Schwartz; coach Kasey Fuchs.

• Radio broadcasting — 6th place, Cara Davis, Bethany Janner and Clayton Boeker, coach Colby Finke.

• Senior chapter conducting — 6th place, Katie Perkins, Katie Murski, Kayla Samson, Mattie Niebuhr, Taylor Klatte, Allen Schwartz, Caeden Scherer, Bethany Janner and Lillee Richey; coach Travis Gonzales.

• Senior creed — 8th place, Katie Perkins; coach Travis Gonzales.

• Senior quiz — 11th place, Leann Goeke, Caeden Scherer and Braeden Stork, coach Travis Gonzales.

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