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Deadpool returns with bigger action, irreverent humor

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Let’s play a game of “Did You Know” in this edition of Hollywood Backlot. “Deadpool 2” arrives in theaters Friday and fans will likely storm the doors to get inside. The original was the highest-grossing R-rated film of all time, clearly signaling audiences’ love of the irreverent antihero and his self-deprecating humor.

The sequel promises to be bigger, louder, crazier and more irreverent — and that’s just from a look at the press kit. As part of the marketing process, nearly all movie studios generate collected notes and nuggets of information about their films and release them to journalists as behind-the-scenes looks at the films.

The press kit for “Deadpool 2” is one of a kind. It is just as sarcastic and funny as the films themselves and it inspired this week’s collection of notes and nuggets. Here we go…


… It took four hours to apply makeup to Ryan Reynolds in the first film. The makeup artists improved and upgraded their process and reduced the time to one hour and 45 minutes for the sequel. (For those who didn’t see the first movie, Reynolds’ character of Wade Wilson is a cancer survivor whose face is heavily scarred by his ordeal.)

… “Topolino” is the name for Mickey Mouse in Italy (random press kit nugget No. 1).

… Production Designer David Scheunemann and Art Director Dan Hermansen — the men in charge of designing the sets and dressing locations to blend with the look of the film — worked overtime to hide special “Easter eggs” in nearly every scene and on every set. These hidden gems reference movies like “The Goonies” and Canadian comic books like The Alpha Flight. (The film was shot in Vancouver, so the filmmakers made a special effort to give a nod to their hosts.)

… More people are killed by hippopotamuses than by lions, elephants and water buffalo combined (random press kit nugget No. 2).

… “DeadlPool 2” introduces a new character to the film franchise called Firefist, but the moniker is a bit of a misnomer. He does not actually shoot fire from his hands. According to Visual Effects Supervisor Dan Glass, the character in the film pushes out a blast of super-heated air. The force and pressure of the blast then breaks things around it and lights object on fire that are combustible.

… A lobster’s blood is colorless but turns blue when exposed to oxygen (random press kit nugget No. 3).

… Deadpool’s nemesis in the sequel is a grizzled soldier from the future named Cable. When Cable arrives in Deadpool’s world, he discovers his futuristic gun doesn’t work. So, he’s forced to cobble together a new weapon. The gun he builds is a Frankenstein’s monster constructed from a 50 caliber Barrett sniper rifle, a Thompson submachine gun, an AK-47, a vector, a 9mm submachine gun, grenade launchers, scopes, sites and a slew of other madness.

The highlight — which is an Easter egg — is the power knob on the weapon. Typically, it goes to 10. But the one on Cable’s weapon goes to 11.

… The sentence “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” uses every letter in the English alphabet (random press kit nugget No. 4)

… The production crew actually built a version of Cable’s weapon outlined above. It weighed 28 pounds and was difficult to wield. Subsequently, a lighter version was made out of rubber. It still weighed 14 pounds, so a third version was fashioned that weighed just seven pounds and was far more manageable on set. However, all three versions makes appearances in the movie.

… Over 2,500 left-handed people fall victim every year to the use of right-handed objects (random press kit nugget No. 5).

… Lastly, director David Leitch is a professional martial artist by trade. He is a longtime Hollywood stunt performer who has doubled for the likes of Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and Keanu Reeves. It was his work with Reeves on the “Matrix” films that led him to co-create the “John Wick” series. Leitch is now a full-fledged film director with “John Wick,” “Atomic Blonde,” “Deadpool 2” and the upcoming “Fast and Furious” spinoff on his resumé.

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