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Marqez Bimage

A conversation with Marqez Bimage

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I sat down with Brenham standout football player Marqez Bimage Saturday morning to have a quick chat before he departed for the University of Texas. Bimage began his summer program fewer than 24 hours after our meeting and as of this writing, he has officially been a Longhorn for four days.

He was tired, but gracious, which likely won’t surprise anyone. He had witnessed Brenham’s baseball double-header victory the night before and had a full day of activities after our interview.

He was headed to UT and a career on the hallowed 40 acres the following day, but first, here is our conversation: 10 questions with Marqez Bimage…

Walk me through your timeline this week?

It’s been crazy. I took one final exam out of six classes, so it wasn’t that bad. And it’s been hectic, just trying be close to family and close to friends as much as I can and just trying to be with them until I leave.

When do you leave and what are the first couple things you do at Texas?

Sunday morning we have to get up pretty early and get on the road and pack everything. So, we’ll get there about nine o’ clock. It’s a busy schedule. They sent me the itinerary and every hour by the hour, there’s something you need to be doing.

How long does that last? It is all summer?

Yes, it’s all summer. Each week there’s going to be criteria you have to reach with the coaches. You just have to get it done and do as well as you can on it.

What made Texas the right choice for you?

I was committed to Houston before, and after Coach Herman left, we were just like, “We’re going to stay with Houston and see how things were going.” About a week and a half later, he gave me a call saying, “Hey, we want you at UT.”

I talked to my mom, talked to my dad about it and we just made that jump and jumped on board.

(The University of) Texas is traditionally the dream school for most kids who grow up in Texas. What’s it like to have the opportunity to play for the school that most kids dream about their whole lives?

It means a lot. Playing football from a 5-year old until now, I just think that — I don’t know. I can’t even explain it. I’m just humbled about it and I’m just very excited about it.

You’re a very nice guy and a humble guy. Is it possible to be a nice guy and be successful in major college football these days?

(He smiles) Oh, for sure. I believe so. People talk about guys like Myles Garrett and outside of football, that guy’s not some mean — from what I’ve heard — he’s not some mean guy. He’s a pretty nice guy if you get to know him.

I think in football there’s two sides of people, on and off the field. There’s that side on the field that gets down and dirty with it and there’s that guy off the field that does what he has to do.

What are the keys to making the switch from defensive end to outside linebacker?

The scheme at UT, it’s the same scheme that was at Houston at the time. Coach Orlando, the defensive coordinator (at Houston and UT) — I was recruited by him for a year, so I kind of know what’s going on.

Jumping from defensive end to linebacker, it’s not a hard transition at all. It’s right there off the edge and basically all I’m doing is standing up and dropping in coverage, and I’ve done that before in my high school career.

Coach Herman and his staff are known for having brutal fall camps and practices. Are you prepared for that kind of work?

I think so. I think it’s all part of the process. I have no clue what it is but I have to remember that I just have to stick with it and keep going through it.

On the fun side, I’m sure you’ve seen the new lockers UT is getting. What do you think about those?

I’m very excited about it. Coach Herman is a guy where if he doesn’t like it, he’ll change it and bring all the new stuff in and I love that about him, so it should be fun.

Were your lockers $10,000 apiece here in Brenham?

(Laughing) No, not at all.

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