Get excited, “Stranger Things” fans! Only two short days remain until the release of season two of the hit show on Netflix.

Last month, we caught up with one of the new stars of season two, Sadie Sink, who is a Brenham native. She moved to New York a few years ago to pursue her acting career, but was back in town for a visit when we met her at Tegeler Toyota for an interview.

She plays “Max,” who joins the inner circle of four friends who form the core of the show: Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will. Together, they will fight the growing evil that haunts their small town of Hawkins, Indiana.

Book some time for binge watching this weekend; “Stranger Things 2” hits the web Friday. Here is our full conversation with Sadie Sink.


How did you get the chance to audition for the show?

My manager got the audition for me. I think I was at a football game when I found out I had the audition — the New York Giants.

Do you know how many other people auditioned for the role?

No, actually. During the whole audition process, I never saw another girl who auditioned for the role.

What was the audition process like?

I got the initial audition and then I had to go in two days later, and then I had to go back four different times, I think. Then I did a Skype session and then the screen test and the next day I found out I got it.

They were having auditions everywhere, but the office that I was going to was in New York. And then for the screen test there were talks of it being in L.A. or New York, but it ended up being in New York, which was good for us.

What was your reaction when you found out you got the role?

My mom knew before I knew. The Duffer Brothers were going to call me and tell me that I got the role and they were going to call me after school. So, my mom was making sure that I was in the car at 4 o’clock and she was really strict about it, but she’s never really strict about that kind of stuff, so I was like, “Okay, wait, what’s going on?”

And then I went home and they called me and I was like, “Oh, my gosh.” I couldn’t process what was happening.

What can you tell me about your character, Max?

I can’t say much without giving anything away, but I can tell you that she’s from California and she moves to Hawkins. She’s a tomboy skater … that’s pretty much it.

What was it like to join a cast that had already worked together for a season and had been successful?

It was easier than I thought it was going to be. I knew Caleb (McLaughlin) and Gaten (Matarazzo), so it was nice to have someone that I knew in the cast. I guess I fit in nicely. There was no trouble at all.

(Caleb McLaughlin plays “Lucas” and Gaten Matarazzo plays “Dustin”)

What are you most excited about for the upcoming season?

I’m excited to see how everybody reacts to it, because there are a lot of questions that will be answered.

What was your favorite moment of the shoot?

Whenever we would have a night shoot or go to these really remote locations, those would probably be my favorite moments.

What’s the most fun behind-the-scenes moment you had with the cast or crew?

It would always be fun when all of the kids were in school together because we’d have to build up hours, so there would be days when we weren’t even working and we would all have to be in school.

(Laughing) And it’s impossible to get any work done with all them. It’s just insane. When we’re working on the time, we never really get a chance to kind of really talk. So it’s nice when we have those school days.

It was like a “Stranger Things” schoolhouse, I guess.

(There are many laws that govern the education of young actors while they are working on film and television projects. There are limitations on how many hours they can work per day and requirements for how many hours of school must be completed each day and each week.)

What was it like to walk out on stage at Comic-Con in San Diego?

That was my first Comic-Con, so that was a big one to start out with. It was insane because it’s not like just going to Comic-Con to do the panel. It’s lots of press before that. It was crazy.

We did a panel in Hall H and that’s like 6,000 people. It’s crazy — you walk out there and it just goes all the way back. That was — wow. That was insane.

At this year’s Comic-Con, no one had seen season two yet. So, what are you hoping for next year?

Yeah, this is it was just, “And now, introducing a new character….” Next year it will be even more crazy.

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