Steven Marshall

What are the advantages of starting your career in a place like Brenham?

You have a home crowd and it’s a familiar place, comfortable. And it’s definitely a confidence booster to look out and see people you know.

What is the toughest gig you’ve ever played?

(Laughing) There’s been times where there’s been more bar staff than patrons in the bar and those are the tough gigs. Those are the ones where you pay your dues and I’ve played plenty of those.

If you had a fully loaded tour bus, what would some of the features be?

Instead of dual A/Cs we’d have to have three or four. I’m so tired of sweating. I know we’re in Texas and all, but dual dual-A/Cs on the bus and definitely a decent sound system and a couple good old boys rolling down the road with me.

What are the best types of songs?

True stories. I want the truthfulness to come back into country music, instead of all the hype. That’s what I really think it is. Country music right now is a bunch of hype. Everybody’s going for their generic theme song.



• Three ways to change country music...

The capital of country music would not be in Nashville. It would be somewhere where it belongs, where the real cowboys are at.

Take some of the pop out.

No rapping in country music.

• Three venues you’d like to play in...

My hometown fair, the Washington Country Fair (accomplished).

The Grand Old Opry

Somewhere on a beach in Key West, Florida.

• The three best performances you’ve ever seen...

Rage Against The Machine

David Allan Coe


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