Tara Royer-Steele

Tara Royer-Steele, affectionately known as the Pie Queen of Round Top, released her new book, “Eat. Pie. Love.” March 3 and shares her “slice of the pie” with 52 devotional readings.

Tara Royer-Steele has a perfect recipe for life: One dash of love plus one heaping scoop of grace equals life sweeter than pie.

Royer-Steele, affectionately known as the Pie Queen of Round Top, has picked her life up by the bootstraps, cinched an apron around her waist, and gotten her hands dirty with more than just flour. Her new book, “Eat. Pie. Love.” was released March 3 and shares her “slice of the pie” with 52 devotional readings.

Written in a devotional style, Royer-Steele shares her life alongside scripture that spoke to her heart. After going through a soul restoration retreat, she felt ready to share her stories with the world.

“For so long people told me I should write a book and I could not wrap my brain around writing a book and telling stories where there hadn’t been healing without hurting people,” she said. “I went through a lot of soul restoration, cleaning out the hurt so I could speak truth. I realized so many things that I believed weren’t even true.”

“Eat. Pie. Love.” includes illustrations by Royer-Steele that came to her during her morning time with Jesus. Long-time fans of her famous pies will be happy to know she sneaked in a few of her recipes such as Royer’s pie crust and Junkberry Pie along with savory items like steak and Shepherd’s Pie.

But more than just recipes for food, she includes recipes for life. Royer-Steele talks about topics such as the heartache of a divided family due to running a family business, leaving an abusive first marriage with an alcoholic husband and overcoming body image issues.

Through it all, she relied on the grace of God to get her through the tough times and wants to share her advice to the world.

“I just want to make so many different people happy,” she said. “I want it to feel like you’re sitting with Jesus. I wanted to be relatable. Even if your faith isn’t there or it’s there and it’s not the strongest right now, any of the devotions you can relate to and maybe help you get back on track.”

Royer-Steele began working at her family’s business, Royer’s Round Top Café when she was 12. She found the most joy in the kitchen baking pies. She has transformed that joy into Royer’s Pie Haven, “an outlet for me to pour out my creativity.” Her Haven is where she meets many women who she loves to talk to about life.

“I love sitting with women, any woman is great, but especially women that haven’t gone through a lot of the hard things,” she said. “My target is meeting women exactly where they are on their journey. I love to sit with them — single moms, moms in general, divorced moms, women who are starting over and they don’t know where to start — I just love sitting with those people and I hope that this devotion meets them exactly where they are at.”

She also has a podcast, “Jesus, Pie & Coffee” where she talks with women she has met through her pie ministry.

Some of her other projects include Gather n Grace, a soul restoration camp led by her and her husband, Rick Steele and All Things Acres, a gathering space for workshops and retreats as well as her bake shop where her pie making happens.

Royer-Steele resides in Brenham with her husband and two sons, Brayden and Bentley.

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