Ben Leman

Rep. Ben Leman, District 13, speaks to the crowd at the ribbon-cutting of the Washington County Republican Party headquarters Feb. 7 about the impact of the Republican Party in Washington County and in the United States.

Gov. Greg Abbott released a hopeful letter to the Prime Minister of Japan the Honorable Yoshihide Suga Oct. 2 in regards to Texas Central high-speed train system stretching from Houston to Dallas.

“It is important for you to know that the Texas Central high-speed train system has received all the necessary permits to begin construction on a bullet train between Dallas and Houston. This venture has my full support as Governor of Texas, and I am hopeful that final negotiations of this project with Japan can be concluded so that construction can begin,” Abbott said in his letter to Suga. “Public support and momentum are on our side, and this project can be completed swiftly.”

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