I don’t like politics, but I love people. It’s no secret people are hurting right now. This is magnified by protests from both sides of the political spectrum, the war of wearing face masks and so many other topics that would not all fit in this column. Each side likes to point fingers and blame the other, but maybe political parties and those who run them and support them need to take a look at the harm they personally are causing before putting blame on someone else.

What if we all cared about each other and showed one another respect? Is it really that hard? If you look at the controversy surrounding masks, it’s baffling to me. One piece of fabric can drastically slow the spread of the coronavirus, yet many American citizens perform personal strikes towards their government and neighbors and refuse to wear the masks. Sure, it may not 100% effective, but wearing it keeps your respiratory germs contained and will keep it from spreading to others. If everyone wore one, we wouldn’t be in the bleak position we are in today.

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