When I first started at The Banner-Press five months ago, I really hoped I would get to write a weekly column. Well, wishes do come true and you now have the pleasure of reading the ramblings on my life once a week. How exciting!

As I was trying to think of what I could talk about for this week, I remembered a little holiday called on March 8 called “International Women’s Day.” I saw many posts on my social media accounts of my female friends sharing love for their female friends.

On March 8, I too made a social media post dedicated to some special women in my life: My college newsroom gal pals.

At SFA, our student publication was called The Pine Log. I was hired as a sophomore by Parastoo Nikravesh, a name you probably do not know, but I have become quite fond of. I always laugh about how my friendship with Parastoo began with an interview.

My other good friend, Shannon Poe (sorry, you probably don’t know her either) encouraged me to join the student newspaper after she had a semester of writing under her belt.

It was the best decision I ever made.

The Pine Log was basically a sorority; the only male members tended to be our beloved sports writers and the occasional photographer.

Shannon and Parastoo were always there for me in college, along with other strong and courageous women in The Pine Log.

I think the only thing we really all had in common was journalism. These ladies came from homes of divorce, low-income houses, houses far more expensive than my own, homes in big cities and small towns (yes, smaller than Brenham). They came from religious and non-religious households. None of these ladies came from a home like mine, and I learned so much from their experiences.

I am very blessed to have met them all. They taught me how to be confident with myself. They always told me I looked great when I wore that outfit I didn’t know if I could quite pull off and let me know when I had weird stains on my shirt. We would laugh together and study together an built a paper together each week.

We were a group of women that got to dream big together. That will always be special to me.

Up until college, I never really had a lot of luck making female friends. Maybe I should blame my elementary school teacher who would often pair me up with boys for things because I always got along well with others. Growing up with my older brother, many of my friends were his squad of rough and tumble boys. I was raised around boys, which has made my female friendships all the more special.

When I took an internship in Beaumont before coming to Brenham, I only hung out with the men in the office. They took me under their wing and tried to guide me as best they could in work and life in the three months I spent there.

Now in Brenham, I am once again in a mostly-male office. I am blessed these men look out for me and encourage me to be the best I can be. I have a great team here at the Banner, something I hope our readers don’t take for granted.

Just because they are guys doesn’t make them any less worthy in my eyes, but I sure do miss having a team of young women at my side to learn with and conquer the world with.

There truly is nothing like women empowering women. Female friendships are so special because good ones — and ones that last — are so hard to come by.

The ladies in my life now are absolute gems. They are smart, funny, kind, hard-working and courageous women that I have had the pleasure of getting to know.


Alyssa Faykus is a reporter for The Banner-Press. She can be reached at alyssa@brenhambanner.com.

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